CORPORATE TRAINING for Construction Companies

Program Description

Our Corporate Training Program delivers a variety of construction business courses to construction corporate clients like residential builders who want to improve their employees’ skills and knowledge and will customize and deliver any program or course listed in our website.
The curriculums for corporate training can be designed by combining and enriching from variety topes to meet their needs.

Six distinguishing features in our Corporate Training Program:
1. Intensive training – the curriculums for corporate training can be designed by combining and enriching from variety topes to meet corporate clients’ needs.
2. Real World training – students will observe and document how working professionals perform their job responsibilities and also participate in performing tasks under supervision by instructors.
3. Time value - our courses that enable the participants to acquaint or upgrade the business skills they needed within a short period of time to advance their job performance;
4. Flexible delivery – whether during the day, evening, or weekend, we will deliver the best training to meet business needs;
5. Business consulting – business will benefit by receiving recommendation and solution for their business issues from trainers and other stakeholders. For example, our construction accounting instructors will help business to identify their current accounting system issues and help them to build up their computerized accounting system by using Sage 50 or QuickBooks to solve the problems.
6. Lifelong learning – free workshops will be offered regularly to help business continually improve productivity, advance careers and position their organizations for success in this fast-paced world.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this program the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

1. Gain knowledge as a construction project manager, builder's assistant as well as that for advanced business skills.
2. Demonstrate reasoning, creative thinking, and analytic skills.
3. Have the ability to acquire, organize and present information through strong verbal and written communications skills.
4. Understand the global prospects in construction business.
5. Prepare for specifications in different functions of business in construction accounting, business communication, finance, managements, marketing, and operations.

Admission Requirements
Participant is High School graduates or its equivalent, or age 18 and over.

Tuition and Fees
1 Training Hours: 100 hours; 
2 Tuition Fee: Total $10,000.00 ($100 per hour);

Program Duration
The duration of the program is 16 weeks.

Learning Resources
Learning resources are mainly from textbooks, while some are from real-life case studies, internet information, as well as videos.
For details, please refer to each class syllabus.

Delivery Methods:
In-class instruction, Practical Application in Construction Site or Office, Distance/Online, or Combined

Program Organization
Vancity Education Group Corporate Training offers flexible delivery professional development workshops in a variety of topic areas that corporate clients be able to customized the training topics to meet their needs. The training topics can be selected from the following list or any program or course listed in our website.

Title of Training Topic Hours of Training
Useful skill set (Construction Business)
COT V001 Construction Accounting, Budget, Cost Estimate 25
COT V002 Interior Design 25
COT V003 Construction Project Management 25
COT V004 Building Code, 15
COT V005 Construction Technology 19
COT V006 Construction Business Planning 18

Accounting (Construction Business)
COT 1001 Construction Financial Accounting Level I 28
COT 2001 Construction Financial Accounting Level II 28
COT 1002 Payroll Level I 24
COT 2002 Payroll Level II 24
COT 1003 Computerized Accounting Level I 28
COT 2003 Computerized Accounting Level II 28

Communication (Construction Business)
COT 1004 Workplace Writing Skills Level I 18
COT 2004 Workplace Writing Skills Level II 30
COT 3004 Oral Presentation 22
COT 4004 Leadership Communication 30

E-Business (Construction Business)
COT 1005 E-commerce Level I 30
COT 2005 E-commerce Level II 30
COT 3005 Online Business Management 30
COT 1006 E-business Strategy Level I 24
COT 2006 E-business Strategy Level II 24
COT 3006 E-business Strategy Level III 32

Finance (Construction Business)
COT 1007 Corporate Finance Level I 36
COT 2007 Corporate Finance Level II 36
COT 3007 Corporate Finance Level III 36

Marketing (Construction Business)
COT 1008 Foundation of Marketing Level I 25
COT 2008 Foundation of Marketing Level II 25
COT 3008 Digital Marketing 32
COT 1009 Operational Marketing Level I 25
COT 2009 Operational Marketing Level II 25
COT 3009 Operational Marketing Level III 30
COT 1010 Retail Marketing Management Level I 25
COT 2010 Retail Marketing Management Level II 25
COT 3010 Retail Digital Marketing 30

Leadership (Construction Business)
COT 1011 Leadership 1 – People Skills 26
COT 2011 Leadership 2 – Team Skills 26
COT 3011 Leadership 3 – Leading Organizations 28 

Learning Resources
Learning resources are mainly from textbooks, while some are from real-life case studies, internet information, as well as videos. For details, please refer to individual class syllabus.

Marking Scheme
Most classes will have two exams; each will be counted at least 30% toward the final grade. For some classes, there will be case studies, term projects, presentations, etc. in general, class attendance will be 5%, HW assignments will be 10%, two exams at 60%, Presentation, Participation, and Term project will be counted at 25%. For details, please refer to individual syllabus for each class.

Grading scale for each class is as follows:

A 94-100%
A- 90-93%
B+ 86-89%
B 83-85%
B- 80-82%
C+ 75-79%
C 70-74%
D 60-69%
F 0-59%

Requirements for Graduation
Courses with grades lower than “C” is not counted toward the completion of corporate training program at Vancity Education Group.

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