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Construction Software Application-online
20 Hours

 This 20-hour online course will go through the following topics and provide insights to the BC residential builders and professionals:
We will discuss in detail how to effectively use different kinds of software to manage a construction project;
 - How to choose the right construction software for a construction project
 - How to use construction software to set up a starting point, task relationships, work breakdown structure, insert calendar
 - How to use construction takeoff software for estimating costs in a construction project
- How to use estimating software in the construction bidding process
 - How to use construction project management software to handle various aspects of the project such as scheduling, contract and permit management, quality assurance, and safety
 - How to use project scheduling software to schedule all work, take control of your team’s availability, assign the right resources to the right tasks and keep projects running the way you planned.
- How to use project design software or BIM software as a platform for digital design and redesign of construction projects.
 - How to use construction accounting software to track construction business finances,
 - How to use bid management software to perform tasks like creating, tracking, and managing bids with features like project management, contact management, reporting, and analytics to give project owners a competitive edge, increase profitability and bid effectiveness
 - How to use field service management software in field service management, including managing work orders, scheduling and dispatching, customer communications, billing and invoicing, and more.
 - How to use construction safety software to manage construction site health and safety and overall project quality
 - How to use construction reporting software in the features including contact manager, CRM & sales dashboards and reports, CRM analytics, performance management and metrics, payment methods, and more
 - How to use home building software to assist in the planning and execution of residential construction projects
 - How to use a construction software to create and apply resources and costs to a construction project, add resources, costs, and review work
 - How to use a construction software to update, track, & monitor a construction project
 - How to use a construction software to update, track, & file Names, revise and recover schedules
  - How to use a construction software for tracking, change & delay management of a construction project
 - How to use a construction software to apply resources & costs to a schedule
 - How to use a construction software to update a Schedule
 - How to use a construction software at inserting changes into a construction project schedule
 By the end of this in-depth course, learners will have a better understanding of the subject, will gain relevant knowledge, and will know how to use construction software in a construction project
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