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Construction Skill Training Package 3

In order to support unemployed and low-skilled British Columbians to gain essential, transferable and certified skills to obtain good-paying jobs and increase job security, Construction Skill Training Package 3 is facilitated by Vancity Education Group (Vancity Institute of Sciences and Arts Inc and United Pacific College Ltd ) and designed to provide to construction companies with a set of useful knowledge and skills training at interior design, AutoCAD, passive house, digital marketing they need to train their employees to better and quickly adapt to the changing requirements of jobs and to improve job-related skills after the 100 hours comprehensive training (75 hours in-class /distance /online instruction combined, 25 hours practical application on-site,) plus 100 hours assignment/coaching and totalling 200 hours training.

This 100 hours comprehensive Construction Skill Training Package 3 is a helpful and a better to have package for construction company's employees, it is designed to support unemployed and low-skilled British Columbians to gain essential, transferable and certified skills to obtain good-paying jobs and increase job security, it is highly recommended to take the training fully and completely as it will be very beneficial to both employer and employee participants 

The Construction Skill Training Package 3 will help the participants acquaint or upgrade the construction job related skills they needed within 200 hours to advance their job performance.
This Package 3 consists of 4 courses: 1, interior design,2, AutoCAD,3,passive house, 4,digital marketing;

1,The interior design course will provide a foundational understanding
Modern Consumer Environment
- Custom
- Residential Living
Health and Safety
- Compact Living
- Eco Living Green Building
- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
- LEED Credit Categories
Building Codes
- Fire Safety – 7 Reasons Why
Installation of Interior Finishes
- A Modern Interior Starts with the Interior Finish
- Interior Finishing Selections for Remodeling
- Selecting Interior Finishing for Remodeling
- Why You Need an Interior Designer for Your Home
- Paint Finishes Explained
- Interior Design-Budget Kitchen Remodeling Ideas
- Finding Perfect Cabinets for Your Ideal Kitchen
- Perfect Bathroom Interior Design
- Functionality of a Bathroom
- Consider This Before Deciding on Your Interior Designer
- LEEDS Certification
Identify Installation of Interior Finishes
- Innovative Techniques
- Floor Installation: Best Methods
- Sub-Floor
- General Floor Installation Tips
- Installation
- Basic Flooring Installation
- Handy Tips for Easy Wood Floor Installation
- Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Cabinetry
- Quality Features Unique to Inset Cabinetry
- Installing Casing Trim
- Importance of Home Trim Moldings in Interior Design
Interior Finishes
- Introduction
- Types of Interior Finishes
- Plumbing
- Heating and Cooling
- The Modern Kitchen
- Designing Appliances for Today's Kitchen
- Innovative Applications

2,The AutoCAD course will provide a foundational understanding
AutoCAD 3D The Complete Guide is designed to give you a solid understanding of AutoCAD features and capabilities. This course covers Getting Started with 3D, Views of 3D Models, Creating Surface Models, Creating Meshes, and Cameras and Creating the Animation.
Autodesk AutoCAD is a powerful CAD software helping professionals create 3D models faster and with more precision. Its simplified 3D modeling allows teams work more efficiently by sharing models across connected desktop, cloud, and mobile solutions.
New for AutoCAD 2018
AutoCAD 3D Modeling
Creating Solid Models
Editing 3D Objects
Creating Views
Surface Modeling
Mesh Modeling
Rendering and Animating Designs

3,The passive house course will provide a foundational understanding
Building science and energy use, overview of Passive House principles
In-depth look at insulation and airtightness design and construction techniques
Thermal bridging principles, elimination of thermal bridges through better design and construction
Window placement and construction, window components and efficiency
Ventilation system design principles, components, distribution and operation
Heating and cooling a Passive House building, design principles, components, distribution and operation
Economics of Passive House design and construction, cost and risk reduction, marketability
Quality assurance and testing
4,The digital marketing course will provide a foundational understanding of digital ads, how they work, and what a successful strategy looks like for a residential construction company.
Digital Marketing for Construction
Website Development in a Mobile World
Search Engine Optimization: Location
Social Media: Make Your Community Buzz
Hyper-targeting with Programmatic Advertising
creative digital marketing and sales ideas in this new era 
tactics on using technology to boost efficiency and profit.
Get the marketing technology insight for the 2022 new-home marketing program.
How to get people’s attention and more importantly, get the right people’s attention. 

Students will learn the followings by the end of the in-depth training:
The basic techniques of interior design and concepts, 
How to use AutoCAD to draw floor plans and elevations
The concept of Passive house
The benefits of investing in digital ads and how they can integrate with a broader marketing campaign
Facebook ads – how they work, benefits and how to measure success
Google ads – how they work, benefits and how to measure success
How to evaluate a digital ad for effectiveness, design, and reach your target market
The importance of Google Analytics and what you should be looking at
Review benchmark costs, ROI, lead generation

Experienced Instructors Team
Vancity Education Group has put together a strong team of professionals to design this Construction Skill Training Package 3, this team has a wealth of professional experience along with tremendous experience in teaching and coaching. Vancity Education group is well equipped to provide high-quality corporate training.

Our Policies and Admission Requirements In Line with the College and Institute Act
Inputting together our governing policies and our admission requirements, Vancity Education Group has followed the guidelines set out in the College and Institute Act.
we aim to provide additional options and opportunities for current or potential employees of the construction industry to improve their job-related skills to make the construction industry in BC one of high skill, quality, and integrity.

Upon completion of this course the successful student will have better understanding about the current digital marketing methods and technics
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