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Construction Skill Training Package 2 for corporate training

In order to support employers to train current or new employees in technical skills in response to technological advancements, Construction Skill Training Package 2 is facilitated by Vancity Education Group (Vancity Institute of Sciences and Arts Inc and United Pacific College Ltd jointly) and designed to provide to construction companies with a set of useful knowledge and skills training in new technology method they need to train their employees to better and quickly adapt to the changing requirements of jobs and to improve job-related skills after the 125 hours (100 hours in-class /distance /online instruction combined, 25 hours practical application on-site) comprehensive training plus 125 hours assignment/coaching and totalling 250 hours training

This 125 hours comprehensive Construction Skill Training Package 2 is a helpful and a better to have package for construction company's employees, it is designed to support employers to train current or new employees in technical skills in response to technological advancements, it is highly recommended to take the training fully and completely as it will be very beneficial to both employer and employee participants

The Construction Skill Training Package 2 will help the participants acquaint or upgrade the construction job related skills they needed within 250 hours to advance their job performance.
New Technology methods
In a series of four modules, this course introduces students to the mass timber industry and the use of prefabricated wood products in construction. Students will become familiar with the types and characteristics of mass timber products and the advantages and challenges for construction. They will learn about the incorporation of mass timber as structural elements in buildings including site layout and safe work practices. Students will review basic cost estimation for construction projects. An overview of the use of digital project delivery in the mass timber industry and reviews of case studies enhance student’s knowledge of mass timber construction.
Course Learning Outcomes/Competencies:
Upon successful completion, the student will be able to:
Module 1 Introduction to Mass Timber Construction
Describe the evolution of wood construction in Canada and the emergence of mass timber products
Identify the main types and characteristics of mass timber products and their primary uses
Discuss the advantages and challenges of mass timber use in different types of construction
Describe the types and advantages of prefabrication for mass timber construction
Identify basic regulatory requirements for mass timber product fabrication
Module 2 Visualization of a Mass Timber Construction Project
Describe factors related to site layout and safety that must be considered on a mass timber construction site
Identify locations and relationships between main activity areas on a construction site
Module 3 Introduction to Cost Estimation for Timber Construction
Define estimating and the roles of professional quantity surveyors and construction estimators
Identify the basic tools for estimating construction projects
Compare basic types of estimates used in the stages of project design
Describe the basic process and role of estimating in deciding between mass timber and other building materials
Explain the key considerations and major cost drivers for pricing mass timber
Compare cost differences between mass timber, steel and concrete structures
Identify basic cost considerations associated with construction projects
Describe ways to achieve cost efficiencies in mass timber projects
Identify the basic procurement routes for mass timber projects
Discuss the long term costs and sustainability of mass timber projects
Module 4 Introduction to Digital Project Delivery for Mass Timber Construction
Identify advantages and disadvantages of digital project delivery
Describe the key stakeholder roles for effective digital project delivery
Outline the use of digital tools and models during project delivery process
Describe the use of digital models by different consultant groups
Describe the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in digital project delivery
Describe the use of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) in digital project delivery
Experienced Instructors Team
Vancity Education Group has put together a strong team of professionals to design this Construction Skill Training Package 3, this team has a wealth of professional experience along with tremendous experience in teaching and coaching. Vancity Education group is well equipped to provide high-quality corporate training.
Our Policies and Admission Requirements In Line with the College and Institute Act
Inputting together our governing policies and our admission requirements, Vancity Education Group has followed the guidelines set out in the College and Institute Act.
we aim to provide additional options and opportunities for current or potential employees of the construction industry to improve their job-related skills to make the construction industry in BC one of high skill, quality, and integrity.
Upon completion of this course the successful student will have better understanding about the new technology.;
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