Lesson series

Construction Budget Management- Online
3 hours (CPD)

This 3 hours online course will go through the following topics and provide insights to BC residential builders and professionals:

- Building Construction: Foundations
- Venturing in the Commercial Building Construction
- Building Constructions – Your route to a Dream House
- Types of Construction Projects
- How to Handle Your Big Construction Project
- Building the World with Construction Projects
- Estimating Costs for Your Home Project
- Achieving Cost-Effectiveness in Construction Projects
- Information on Construction, Estimation and Costing
- Construction Budget Management
- How to Become a Quantity
- Factors Influencing Productivity at work
- Factors that influence the cost of wood privacy fence installation
- The role of the quantity surveyor
- Types of Pricing Methods in Construction
- Understanding Construction Financing When Building a Home
- Construction Finance and the Problem with Banks
- Construction Finance Fees
- Project Management for Construction
- What’s the Importance of Financial Planning
- Tips about Finance and Banking
- The Immediate Financing Arrangement
- Interest on Loan, Financial Ratio, Cash Planning and Analysis
- Project Cash Flow, Company Cash Flow and Strategies
- Investment Decisions, Financing for Growth
- Estimating the Construction Project
- The Best Construction Estimating Software
- Developing a Cost Database for Construction Estimates
- Cost Estimating Tips, How to Develop a Realistic Budget
- The Cost Control Problem, Project Budget, Cost Ratio
- Financial Accounting Systems and Cost Accounts
- Project Costs, Cost Drivers, Qualifications, Responsibilities
- Roles a QS Might Play, Taxes

By the end of the  in-depth course, learners will have a better understanding of the subjected topic and gain better knowledge

The goal of the presentation is NOT to elaborate on the details but to educate the learners on how to work effectively for the best outcomes.
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