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Building Design Series 6- Online
2.5 Hours (2.5 CPD)

This 2.5 hours online course will go through the following topics in series 6 and provide insights to BC residential builders and professionals:

Electric Fireplaces: A Stylish, Simple, And Safe Alternative
•    Introduction
•    Electric Fireplaces
•    Applications
•    Versatility of Operation & Installation
•    Economic & Environmental Benefits
•    Further Benefits
•    Summary
LED Retrofit Solutions For Interiors And Exteriors
•    Introduction
•    LEDS: Separating Fact From Fiction
•    LED Retrofit Solutions
•    Benefits Of An LED Retrofit
•    Testing And Certifications
•    Planning An LED Retrofit
•    Case Studies
•    Summary
Floor Warming, Primary Heating, Snow Melting, & Roof De-Icing with PTC Heaters
•    Radiant Heating Options
•    PTC Heating Elements
•    Power Supply & Thermostat
•    Energy Efficiency & Performance
•    Applications & Installation
•    Summary
The Solar-Ready Roof: Optimize The Design
•    Solar System Basics
•    Components
•    Rooftop Applications
•    Solar-Ready
•    Roofing Choices
•    Summary

By the end of the  in-depth course, learners will have a better understanding of the subjected topic and gain better knowledge

The goal of the presentation is NOT to elaborate on the details but to educate the learners on how to work effectively for the best outcomes.
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