Lesson series

BC Energy Step Code - Module 6
Mechanical Systems for the BC Energy Step Code
3 Hours (3 CPD)

This 3-hour online course will go through the following topics and provide insights to the BC residential builders and professionals:

- What is Mechanical System
- The Analysis of Strategies for Improving Energy Efficiency and Reducing Emissions of Mechanical Systems
•    The Costs of Emissions Reductions,
•    The Impact of Renewable Natural Gas
•    Exploring Policy Options
•    Building Emissions – Part 9 & Part 3
•    Incremental Construction Costs – Part 9 & Part 3
•    Absolute Emissions, Using Renewable Natural Gas
•    Life Cycle Emissions Policy Discussion & Conclusions
- Guidelines for deliverables from the energy modeler and mechanical contractor for the right-sizing, verification/ commissioning, design and installation, and quality assurance.
- Overview of Mechanical System
•    House as a System
•    Equipment Operating Efficiencies
•    Sizing of Equipment, Installation and Commissioning
- Right-Sizing
- Walk through the process of analyzing basic mechanical installations looking for overall quality and making sure to communicate with designers/installers on any problems.
- Design
•    Ventilation Systems Targeting Step 3, 4
•    Hydronic Delivery Using Natural Gas, Electricity
•    Forced Air, Electric Baseboards
- Explore the process of appraising basic code-compliant mechanical systems design and installation approaches, and with the help of industry resources show how to direct the selection of the heating/cooling/ventilation systems for homes complying with Step 3 and beyond.
- Installation
•    Heating and Cooling, Ventilation
•    Domestic Hot Water, Auxiliary Equipment
- Mechanical Equipment Examples for Part  9 Single Family Homes in Climate Zone 4 , 5, 6, 7A, 7B, 8
- Go through how to analyze cost implications of the installation and operation of typical mechanical systems and discuss maintenance and lifecycle implications.
- Walk through the process of conducting the sequencing and coordination of the mechanical system installation and walk through the on-site verification process in accordance with the BCESC compliance process.
- Commissioning / Quality Assurance
- Go over ways to assess modern and emerging mechanical systems to find suitable systems for integration with homes built to BCESC Step 3 onwards and go over various considerations that need to be addressed with these systems.
- Installation and Assessment/Evaluation
- Discuss the various group of occupants to be considered throughout design and construction, and consider the occupants who will use the mechanical systems to control interior conditions to their benefit.
- How Building Mechanical Systems provide safe and healthy surroundings for the occupants, and ensure a good match between facility and societal needs

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