Builder's Courses: choose from the 100 pre-approved courses below, 9 hours=9 cpd credits, combine any of them to have 20 credits (like 9+11=20) (only $400) for one year or 40 credits (only $700) for two years. In order to help BC licensed residential builders navigate through these unusual circumstances, and to each come out of the other side much stronger, we bring the price down from around $80/hour to $20/hour
If you are a registered architect or a registered interior designer or a realtor, please select the right category; 

if you are a registered interior designer, please select designer category;

If you are a registered architect, please select architect category;

Vancity Institute ( and Its Two Colleges (Vancity Education Group) Offer
1, Continuing Professional Development Training Programs to Professionals like
licensed Builders, Registered Architects, Registered Interior Designers.....
2, Construction Project Management Diploma Program, General Studies Diploma Program, Business Administration & Management Diploma Program, English As A Second Language Diploma Program to Whom Wants to Get College Diplomas and Become an Engineer, Builder, Architect, Interior Designer, Cost Estimator, Construction Project Manager, Certified Translator/Interpreter.....

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We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field.
Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rockstar from day one.

Builder's Online Course  

Take any combination of courses 
20 CPDs  for 1 year or 40 CPDs for 2 yrs
Don't repeat the course already taken 

free 5 minutes online course sample-please call 7782970978 for detail 
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